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10.0 Superb

This is a complete day tour of the city of Rio de Janeiro covering its most famous landmarks in an 8.5-hour sightseeing tour. Go to the summits of Corcovado Hill and Sugarloaf Mountain for some of the best views of the city and see the landmarks of downtown.

USD $89.5 / per person
8,5 hours
No Age Restriction

Join us, in a small group tour, for a day full of fun, visiting the most well-known landmarks in the city, and culture, visiting downtown Rio and it’s fascinating buildings.

USD $160 / per person
8,5 hours
No Age Restriction

Visit the 2 most famous Rio landmarks in just one morning with no rush. Enjoy a small-group tour to Christ the Redeemer statue early in the morning and then enjoy stunning views from Sugar Loaf Mountain.

USD $64.5 / per person
4,5 hours
No Age Restriction

The City Center Plus Olympic Boulevard And The Musem Of Tomorrow Come with us and spend your day getting a complete walking tour of Rio de Janeiro: see the beautiful architecture of the city center, the art of Olympic Boulevard […]

USD $49.5 / per person

If you want to relax in the morning and have a very interesting afternoon you can take the subway and meet us for our afternoon walking tour through the Olympic Boulevard, Sea Port area and visit the Museum of Tomorrow.

USD $38.5 / per person
4 hours
No Age Restriction

Enjoy a guided walking tour in downtown Rio. Many cariocas still refer to downtown as “the City”, as if it were a city apart, so busy, profuse and attractive. Rich in history and buildings of great architectural appeal, the center of the […]

USD $24.5 / per person
4 hours
No Age Restriction

Come to see a different, and equally interesting, part of the city. Join our tour to visit Downtown Rio, the oldest part of the city and its main attractions and interesting buildings.

USD $34.5 / per person

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Maracanã Stadium during this guided tour. You will have a chance to explore the inner stadium, renovated for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and to sit on the same bench where our legendary player, Pele, […]

USD $39.5 / per person
3.5 hours
No Age Restriction

Be one of the first visitors to reach the Christ the Redeemer statue, the most famous landmark in Rio de Janeiro, on top of the Corcovado Hill, without the usual crowd early in the morning.

USD $44.5 / per person
2,5 hours
No Age Restriction